I often ask myself, “What is giving me more fulfillment from what I can do?”
The answer is clear: to see the people around me happy, and to see them achieving their goals and reaching their dreams.
The most effective way to contribute to this, for those who really want it, is for me to accompany them on their journey to accomplishment, so they may live their dreams beautifully and fulfilled.
It is a privilege for me to be the witness of the self-discovery process, to help those regain personal power, and to increase awareness for those who choose it.
I believe in people and in their capacity to expand their mental and physical boundaries in order to enjoy fulfilling life experiences.
After all, every one of us has the right to know and live the deep mystery of who we are. For the majority of the time, this is an unveiling process of who we are supposed to be, and who we intend to be.
What I can do for you is to guide you as a coach, just as you need, for life and business purposes.
The experience of over 19 years in sales and administration to a software company and few others before as a geologist helped me to understand the paradox I contain as a human being.
It seems that my life is only a moment to the the planet I live on and yet, for me that’s all I have, my life is my eternity.
There are turning points and for me one of these was when I realized that life is not a rehearsal, that I can’t get the time back and try something else.
Even if the things looked good, was comfortable, doesn’t means that inside was well.
In other words, extreme suffering or discontent wasn’t necessary to be outside in order to feel at some point that inside I want something else.

Cred cu tărie în oameni și în potențialul lor

There is a moment when survival pattern is weak and the comfort is no longer a priority, a moment to take risks because the payment to stay there was to high.
The first step to go somewhere is to be sure that you don’t want to stay where you are anymore.
The awareness moment is crucial.
What I should do with the limited time I have here?
The evolution is inevitable but how to decide the path with more awareness?
How will be if I’ll do the best I can, living with purpose, natural, with peace of mind & soul and love.
When I really looked I found, so the introspection and attention to what comes to me makes me to realize that I love people and I want to see them happy, reaching their goals.
So I graduated a coaching program at Noble Manhattan to get the skills and accreditation.
When the moment to start something new comes and all was just on me can be overwhelming and I felt like in no man’s land. The knowing place with people around and rules which until yesterday was my world was left behind and I see myself alone and I realize that I’m the only one to decide the path, to create one to the new world that I only can imagine.
Getting back the personal power means to be whole and that’s my duty, your duty, everyone for himself.
However, it’s easier with some help, with somebody on you side. Let’s go together applying here.

Are you ready for changing your life?